January 18, 2012 Damon Hayhow


Here is yet another article alarming all the wrong people from the risks of training “too hard”. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/16/personal-best-workouts-have-their-limits-recognized-or-not/?mid=57

Now, I am in no disagreement that there are a lot of people out there overdoing it with really, REALLY stupid and ineffective training. But there are three main issues with this.

Firstly, in every human activity some people are going to hurt themselves doing something in a manner that was never going to achieve the results they wanted anyway. Some people are just dumb! Others get manipulated by someone dumb and evil! These people could not give a damn about some professor in his ivory towers spouting off about ‘risks’ and ‘danger’. They are going keep doing what they are doing until they get hurt. Just Google “cults” to see the historical proof of what I mean! Point being, the people for whom these “don’t train hard” articles are written, aren’t listening!

The diet and INACTIVITY of most people is THE MOST dangerous thing they can do on this planet! Why are people warning against the risks of the solution???

Secondly, a HUGE proportion of people getting sick and injured from overtraining could solve many of their issues with proper nutrition! The number of elite and serious recreational athletes who are thoroughly malnourished is STAGGERING! My team have taken a number of elite athletes from “has potential” to “unbeatable” within a WEEK of getting them to eat properly! Elite trainers are ASTOUNDED at the changes in performance and the improvements thereafter. We are just astounded at the astounded-ness! If you are going to train hard you need to EAT properly!

But the main issue that really annoys me about all these alarmists screaming “careful, you might be training too hard” is that the ONLY people listening are already NOT training hard enough!

TWO THIRDS of our society are going to DIE because of diseases related to their diet and lackluster activity! Do 2/3rds of runners run so much that they die? Do 2/3rds of gym goers exercise so hard they die? Do 2/3rds of HEROIN users die from heroin? Do 2/3rds of any group partaking of any other activity DIE from it? NO!

The diet and INACTIVITY of most people is THE MOST dangerous thing they can possibly do on this planet! Why are people warning against the risks of the solution???

These articles warning about exercising too hard or too much fail to help the people they are aimed at while vindicating the inactivity of people who don’t exercise ENOUGH!

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Damon Hayhow

Damon Hayhow has been in the body recomposition (Recomp) and bodybuilding industry for 30 years as a coach, competitor, gym owner, teacher, sponsor, show promoter, judge and MC. He has won National competitions in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, set world records, and coached others to the same success in strength sport and physique competition.

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