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About Damon Hayhow; me

Billionaire, philanthropist, playboy, international man of mystery. I was on track to this childhood career goal until I made one tragic mistake: I joined a gym.

My name is Damon Hayhow. I’m bald and not very tall. But I have a tan and a nice watch. I like bland food and everything I say is extremely interesting. Oh, and I’ve been to the gym once or twice.

A few times I lifted a barbell in front of some judges when nobody stronger was around. They gave me some trophies for doing that.

On stranger occasions I found myself in nothing but my underwear, on a stage, painted dark brown, covered in oil while suffering some contorted looking cramps. For some reason I was given a few trophies for that too.

One day – because I eat bland food and have been to the gym – somebody called me an expert. I’ve read that an expert is: “a person who has done something once and been called an expert by somebody else”. So, by that definition, I am an expert in nutrition and training for body recomposition.

I told some people I was an expert and somehow became the President of Recomp, Australian Ambassador to the ISSN, founder of Recomposer and President of the Australian Powerlifting WPC affiliate, CAPO. Im also an IFBB Australian Bodybuilding Champion, CAPO Australian Powerlifting Champion and multiple Australian Record holder and AWPC World Record Holder in the Deadlift.

Basically, during the past 30 years I managed to lift a few barbells when the right people were looking and now I have all sorts of strong opinions about stuff I’m really not smart enough to comment on. I’m just lucky that, when it comes to diet and training for lean muscles, the other people commenting aren’t too bright either!

Thank you for visiting my blog site. Its full of mindless drivel that hopefully you get some ideas or chuckles out of. Enjoy!

Gym Life


Australian National Bodybuilding (IFBB) and Powerlifting (CAPO) Champion. Multiple Australian (CAPO) and World Record (AWPC) setting Powerlifter.


25 years experience. Coach of numerous Australian and World champion amateur and professional bodybuilders and powerlifters.


Creator of Recomposer – professional body recomposition software. President of Recomp – Australian bodybuilding coach association.

Film maker. Script writer. Artist. Genius. None were available when making this.

Rolling Stone magazine called it “a transformative experience”; “possibly the greatest piece of artistic videography ever”. But I cannot show that here. So instead, here is something I made. It is a metaphysical, metaphorical exploration of the essence of Damon Hayhow: short, strange and more sizzle than steak.

Cherry-picked Testimonials

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Non-gym Life

Bodybuilding is most of my life; but not all of it.
I like to stay a healthy 90-95% meathead.
You should never go full meathead.