Professional Online Body Recomposition Software.

What is Recomposer?

Recomposer is an online system for body recomposition diet and training. It provides strength coaches with professional tools to rapidly and effortlessly:

  • measure body composition and calculate goals
  • create bespoke diets and programs
  • deliver programs to clients via a mobile web app
  • assess & diagnose diet & training efficacy & effect
  • measure and track progress

Applied properly, Recomposer can be used by elite coaches to provide an unparalleled professional service leading to otherwise unachievable results in clients. It does so by providing a radical and unique perspective and approach to body composition. It provides incomparable insight into the individual response of each client to specific diet and training interventions, with zero time or effort required by either the coach or client. Recomposer essentially automates the administration of client diets and programs so the coach can focus on giving informed, expert advice.

Recomposer Overview

What does Recomposer do? Watch this video for more questions than answers.

Recomposer Principal Components

Multiple algorithms to measure body composition. Graphical representation of body composition change goals. Track body composition change against diet & training progress.

Rapidly and easily create any diet and meal plan. Add any food. Automatically calculates protein, carb, fat grams & ratios for total diet & meals. Diet history generated automatically.

Create any program structure. Weights automatically prescribed based on Client strength. Mobile app for clients. Every set measured as a Calculated max. History for every exercise.

To most, body recomposition is a religion, involving irrational rituals rooted in ridiculous dogma and tradition. To them, measurements are sacrilege; planning is heresy; results, a gift from the muscle fairy. For people who do not believe in the muscle fairy, there is Recomposer.

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