Injuries from Heavy Weights; or Not?

Many lifters and coaches diagnose weight-training problems as being caused by weight, and therefore the solution being to reduce the weight. I see it differently. In this episode of the Damon Hayhow Podcast, I analyse this question.

Clean vs Dirty Bulk Up Diets

Since the invention of pizza, man has debated the virtues of the clean versus dirty bulk up diet. As with everything in bodybuilding, this question has turned into an ideological religious war with each side defending their position with the strongest form of argument: personal abuse and threats of violence. In this episode of the Damon Hayhow Podcast I pontificate upon the existential meaning of each diet method, to come to no firm conclusion.

Happy New Year; Not?

I want to wish everyone a happy new year. I really do WISH for 2021 to be better for everyone than the cluster-fuck of 2020, in the same way I wish you might unexpectedly inherit a billion dollars in gold bullion. Unfortunately, neither is realistically going happen.

As heartwarming, cuddly and popular as bullshit platitudes are, relying on bullshit platitudes is setting oneself up for crushing disappointment. We need to try to act as rationally as possible, according to available information. And all available information points to 2021 and beyond being hell.

In 2020, a virus did NOT lock everybody in their homes, destroy millions of livelihoods and force people to suffer the same mask torture technique as used on prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. Governments did that.

The same Governments that continue to destroy the lives and livelihoods of their citizens have also been parroting the slogan: Build Back Better. This slogan is part of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”. That ‘conspiracy theory’ is explained in the book “Covid 19: the Great Reset”, written by the WEF president, and available on Amazon for just $6. Read as much as you can stomach. What Governments want to do with your life and your future, starting in 2021, is all right there.

The Great Reset basically describes how we get to the UN Sustainable Development goals for 2030; the goals that virtually all Governments are already signed onto. None of it is a secret conspiracy theory. It has been publicly advertised for years. I implore you to spend the hour it takes to read these goals at Its painful, wishy-washy, corporate PR doublespeak. And it sounds superficially noble… until you consider what they must do to achieve those goals. In short, it boils down to worldwide communism, with the UN controlling literally everything – every millimeter of the planet, every gram of resource, every second of our lives. It is basically the European Union on (oestrogenic) steroids. And when you consider that there are still countries begging to give up their sovereignty to join the miserable, failing EU project, you realize Governments will be all too happy to sign away all of our rights and freedoms to a sprawling hive of technocrats administering a despotic dictatorship.

As it happens, Western culture had been preparing everybody to accept the coming communism. Most Universities, BLM, prominent politicians and celebrities were proudly advertising their devotion to Marxism and opposition to freedom and Capitalism. Gone is any shame of the hundreds of millions of people murdered by Marxist regimes and the decades of impoverishment and violent oppression of citizens in Marxist/Communist nations throughout the World. Now it is freedom and capitalism that is inherently evil. 

Do not assume you know what Marxism is until you read the Communist Manifesto. It is free online, and barely takes an hour to read. 

Try reading this, as I did, with an open mind and an assumption that it must contain valid, rational arguments to the inherent weaknesses of capitalism, and a logical solution. That way you can experience the full shock and horror at how intellectually and morally bankrupt it really is. It is staggering to think that supposedly intelligent people have read this and found validity in it’s lunatic arguments? It reads like the pathetic rant of an extraordinarily bitter, vengeful man (because it is). Even a devout atheist would describe it as inherently evil. Yet this tripe is the philosophy being pushed on Western society, that is behind all of the insane division, destruction and injustice being seen throughout the west. 

With a backdrop of growing support for widespread adoption of Marxism, Western Governments proved in 2020 that there is no limit to the irrationally brutal, authoritarian actions that they will take against citizens. And citizens of Western nations showed there was no limit to the bullshit news they would swallow whole, nor was there a limit to the totalitarian government actions that they would support.

On top of this, in March 2020, PRIOR to the lockdowns, trillions of dollars were handed to big banks. A virus did not require $trillions; the system was already failing; again/still. Covid was conveniently assigned the blame for a financial system implosion that had already been baking in the oven for way too long. 

So in 2021/22, there is going to be a ‘great reset’, whether according to some grand plan, or organic implosion of the system. If the Governments of the world had wanted to create more widespread misery, a more devastating economic depression, more societal division, more poverty and death, and directed the world to a more dystopian, Nazi-esque “fourth Reich” future, they could not have done a better job. That is where we are headed. 

Many people bloody-mindedly refuse to acknowledge the Government’s deliberate destruction of the society and world we live in. They mindlessly bleat that any argument against the Government’s psychological terrorism in the name of “covid” is a “conspiracy theory”. The fact is, it does not matter whether the coming hell was caused by incompetence, deliberate malevolence or divine power. What matters is what has been done, what is inevitably coming, and what we do about it. 

For me, with regard to the direction that Australia and ‘the West’ is going, there is only one solution: leave. Get out permanently. That is what I did. And, while my heart aches for the people I love in Australia, my only regret is that I did not leave sooner. The Government has been telegraphing the message for years I am not welcome and not respected. And the widespread agreement of the general public means there is nothing to stay and fight for.

To you I recommend strongly that you do everything in your power to leave too. It is the only way I believe it will be possible to have a Happy New Year. And I do wish you to have that Happy New Year.

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Sports Nutrition Supplements that Work

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Gyms to Reopen in September? Why it is Not Likely.

Is correct that gyms are unlikely to reopen until September? No. Gyms are not only unlikely to reopen in September; many gyms will never reopen. Most will definitely not be reopening under their current ownership, if at all. (Note:  blog is not sarcastic. The Covid19 insanity has long passed the point of making jokes about it).

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You MUST ignore the Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories!

There are a number of ridiculous conspiracy theories that the Covid19 pandemic is not an extinction-level plague that is going to kill absolutely everybody in the world; or even as many people as a regular flu. These theories are obviously preposterous because the media says so; and the media always tells the truth. The facts speak for themselves. And the fact is that most of your friends are already dead and you have already probably died of Covid19 at least a few times because it is sooooo deadly (assuming that you and your friends, like most of my readers, live in New York or Northern Italy, are over 70 years of age, with seriously compromised lungs and are about to die of at least 1 deadly disease). Read more

Goodbye. Im Dying of Clovid19. So Will You.

I just want to wish everybody goodbye. The police were not ordered to lock us all up at gunpoint soon enough to save us from the deadly virus that gives virtually no symptoms in the vast majority of normal people. So now, because you, your children, your friends and everybody around you is over 70 years old, with compromised lungs, and at least 1 deadly disease, we are all going to die.

The death rate from Corona doubled in the last week, to make the current year death toll higher than almost every other cause of death, except for almost every other cause of death, including the seasonal flu (still 3x more this year).

Academic scientists, who are much smarter than you or i, have devised complicated models to show that, because corona deaths doubled last week, they will keep doubling every week, until we all are dead. So the human race will be extinct in 4 months. Do not believe in conspiracy theories debunking these models with logic and facts. Academic models have a 100% track record of always being correct in theory.

WHO scientists have now discovered that, just before we catch Corona, it (the virus) will make us 70-90 years old, sick with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and/or lung disease. Then the Corona virus infects us and we die. The statistics prove it. This is what is meant when people keep telling you ‘we have never seen anything like this before’.

Ignoring the fact that virtually every normal functioning person barely registers a symptom from Corona, with only 4 months til human extinction, we must act fast. The only solution, obviously, is more armed police on the streets to harass people from being out in the sun. It’s true the sun kills the virus. But bullets kill people. So people need to get out of the sun when seen by police with guns and bullets. The police will let you out in winter, when flu viruses never spread.

We need to die for the same reason the governments killed all the jobs and small businesses: there might be a temporary shortage of respirators.

The other solution is more fines, financial ruination, infinite money printing and, most of all, massive endless bank bailouts backed by taxpayers. Taxpayers are immune to Corona because they need to live to pay interest and tax. Of course, Corona did kill all the jobs and businesses. But that problem will be solved by the unemployed killing themselves, or each other, for the guilt and shame of not being able to work to pay tax and interest.

It was completely unforeseeable that a deadly plague would force central banks to endlessly and covertly create monstrous quantities of currency for years, and turn the entire global financial system into a cesspool of mathematically unsustainable Ponzi schemes that started to collapse late last year and now need exponentially greater fraud and corruption to continue. Nobody could have seen that happening. But now that plague has arrived and is killing everybody (except for the vast, vast, vast majority of the worlds population), all we can do is lock ourselves in the bank’s homes (oh yeah, you just lost your house; didn’t you hear?) and wait to die.

You are going to die. We are all going to die. We need to die for the same reason the governments killed all the jobs and small businesses: there might be a temporary shortage of respirators. Respirators are like conflict diamonds. You can’t just make them. You need to exploit thousands of people and destroy their livelihoods forever to get them. That is why the governments have destroyed everything, and caused decades of misery, homelessness and unemployment for millions of people. For respirators. It was the only logical thing they could do to have enough respirators.

Remember: Be safe (or the cops will shoot you). Keep your distance (or the cops will shoot you). Use more hand sanitizer; or your neighbour will tell on you (like a good Nazi) so the cops shoot you. Do not look into what is going on with the banks and financial system. Just join Centrelink and get in more debt. Do it for the respirators; and to save the old people that destroyed Gretas future and made the world end in 12 years.

Game Changers – UFC Fighter Spreads Vegetarian Propaganda Lie

If you want a lesson on every way you are being lied to in mainstream discourse, watch this movie. Even in this short trailer you see manipulated language, emotional imagery, pseudoscience, hearsay and plainly fallacious arguments.
For example, they relate how the ancient gladiators ate a MOSTLY “plant based” diet; inferring that a vegetarian diet can help make you a glorious, muscular, fierce warrior. Actually, ancient gladiators were mostly slaves who were subject to absolutely appalling, prison-like conditions and malnourishment. They were fed as cheaply and minimally as possible to keep them alive just long enough to get killed as entertainment. Their owners did not feed them meat because meat was expensive; not because sports nutrition was superior several 1000 years ago. If ever there was a group of people who were literally dying for a piece of meat, it was the gladiators!
So what of the scientific studies? All of the big, landmark studies highlighting the health benefits of a vegetarian diet list “meats” as being hot dogs, burgers, pies, pizzas, spam, salami, KFC and every type of processed garbage imaginable. No surprise, then, that people who avoid all of those foods known to accelerate death and disease – “vegetarians” – do not get sick and die as quickly. But that has absolutely NOTHING to do with meat. It has to do with processed crap.
The trailer shows a strongman suggesting he is as “strong as an ox” because oxen do not eat meat either. An Ox is a ruminant. From its mouth to its anus, every part of its eating, digesting and excretion organs and processes are completely different to a human. The fact that an ox is strong and only eats plants is as relevant as a snake being fast and swallowing animals whole once every few days or weeks. It does not make it the best way for a human to eat. Suggesting a human should eat like an ox to be as strong as an ox is a twisting of logic beyond all reason.
Next they have doctors talking to strength athletes about heart health, and applying standards for non-strength athletes. They show celebrating lower cholesterol, despite ZERO evidence that ever lower cholesterol levels are positive for strength athletes; and good evidence they are negative; just as high cholesterol correlates to increased life expectancy after the age of 65. ‘Normal’ systolic blood pressure in a large strength athlete absolutely correlates to reduced performance. Reducing BMI is the single greatest contributor to improved “heart health”, by mainstream medical measures, and is absolutely the opposite to what most strength athletes want to achieve. So when they say a vegetarian diet is good for ‘heart health’, they actually mean it will make strength athletes measure more like weak, skinny civilians. In other words, it is negative.
The fact that an ox is strong and only eats plants is as relevant as a snake being fast and swallowing animals whole once every few days or weeks. It does not make it the best way for a human to eat.
The fact is, a vegan or vegetarian diet is NOT the optimal diet for sports performance. Read the textbooks from the International Society of Sports Nutrition; the foremost group of sport nutrition scientists in the World. Vegetarianism is a LIMITATION to be worked around; like old age or injury. Sure, a vegetarian could still become a world champion athlete. But Ive met many different World Champion athletes, across a variety of sports, whose diets were absolutely HORRENDOUS. Even I would agree a vegetarian diet would be superior. Diet can BENEFIT an elite athlete; but diet does not create an athlete. Training creates athletes; and god-given talent tends to determine the champions. Vegetarianism is NOT the most nutritionally complete and optimal diet. It is not even meant to be.
Vegan and vegetarian diets are based on ethical arguments around the treatment of animals; NOT optimal sports nutrition. Sports performance is not the point or the goal. And that is fine. Most vegetarians know they need to be diligent to eat certain specific foods to avoid severe deficiencies. So while vegetarianism is better than a diet of meat pies and hot dogs (which, incidentally, tend to contain no actual meat), it is not better than a complete diet for sports performance or body composition.
The fact is, this movie, and all of the recent garbage propaganda promoting vegetarian diets, is part of a larger political agenda being pushed from the UN/IPCC. They are recommending limits and taxation on meat, along with myriad other dystopian policies, entirely for THEIR benefit, not ours. Even if they were telling the truth when inferring deforestation and desertification are caused by farming of animals, and therefore vegetarianism will ‘save the planet’, that argument still does not make vegetarianism a superior nutritional choice; particularly for strength athletes.

How To Do Body Recompositioning

I finally explain what body recompositioning is and the ridiculously simple, logical and obvious way to go about doing it… that nobody else seems to do. And I also rant about why the popular methods are so silly, as usual.

This is essentially the basis for most of my diet and training ideas.