The Truth About Fitness

Fitness is NOT the aspirational outcome advertised everywhere. In fact, it is training to be crap.

Why Fitness is Shitness

Training for fitness is literally training to be the weakest, slowest, fattest, least muscular version of yourself. It is a remedy only to being sedentary and unfit. The wrongful belief that fitness exercise is beneficial to athleticism and/or body recomposition is the source of virtually all training confusion, failure and frustration.

‘Fitness’ exercise (ie ‘cardio’) is the lowest stress, lowest risk exercise suitable for a sedentary person on the brink of a heart attack and death. ‘Fitness’ and ‘cardio’ activities (such as walking, yoga and Pilates) are NOT chosen or designed for their magical conditioning and rejuvenating effects on the body; they are chosen because the people for whom they are intended are so physically decrepit that superior forms of exercise (such as intense weight training) could literally kill them.

So, what is an hour of ‘cardio’ training a healthy athlete to be? To be the worlds worst endurance athlete? To be slower and weaker?

Purpose of Fitness

‘Fitness’ exercise is as relevant to athletes as a bicycle to a fish; or a bazooka to a baby. Fitness exercise is a healthcare intervention for the ‘illness’ of inactivity. An inactive athlete might be the 148th gender, or some other mental condition. But for humans who train for sport or body recomposition, fitness exercise means training to be fatter, slower and weaker.

The fundamental goal of “fitness” is to cure inactivity. Any activity requiring physical effort is valid “fitness” exercise, regardless how stupid or ineffective it is; so long as it is ‘safe’

Cardiovascular (heart) disease is the most widespread deadly illness among the inactive. Cardiovascular exercise hopes to stop these people dying; not turn them into elite athletes.

Clinical health means measuring the same as everybody else; down to the fattest, worst 5% of society. Hence, having extraordinary physical form and function is often not ‘fit & healthy’.

Adding cardio to a body recomposition plan is like fertilizing your garden with toxic waste: at best, it might not kill the results of all of your good efforts. At worst, it will.

Socrates (maybe?)
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