July 4, 2012 Damon Hayhow

AOC Bans Sedatives. Training & Competing next?

This article in the Australian shows how sporting/Olympic committees continue to expand their definition of ‘unfair advantage’ and protecting athletes health. 


The AOC/IOC/WADA/ASADA are all fine to ignore that Olympic level sport IS a health risk. Athletes get injuries! Its part of every game. But thats OK. Running til you shit blood? Thats fine. Jumping until their is no cartilage left in your knee? Sweet. Throwing until you need a shoulder replacement? Thats what replacements are for. But taking a pill that millions of regular people all over the world take to get to sleep so your body might actually recover from the brutality of overtraining? That makes you such an horrendously dangerous risk to yourself and you need to be banned and publicly and financially ruined!

When it comes to drugs, usually the issue is that the drugs artificially boost performance providing an unfair advantage. But drugs that put you to sleep??? These agencies are fine to ignore that some athletes are provided with the advantage of millions of dollars worth of facilities, doctors, trainers, therapists, nutritionists and specialised training devices. Apparently thats NOT an unfair advantage. But popping a sleeping pill? You dirty scum!!! 

So the AOC has reinterpreted its mandate to protect the well-being of competing athletes to meaning they are now the self-appointed, active carers of every competitive athlete! And as could be expected by such a politically motivated group, delivering care to athletes is done in the same manner as the Gestapo cared for citizens in Nazi Germany: breaking into their rooms to search for things like prescribed sleeping pills so they can bring a crushing end to the athletes career, terminate their sponsorships, savage their future and publicly shame and ruin them. But all in concern for their well-being, of course.

The interesting question is, how much further are they going to reach into peoples lives? I mean, they’ve banned glycerol which is a common ingredient in bakery foods! So now are they going to broaden that to cover ALL bakery foods because pies and muffins arent very good for you? So could that include bread? Are there going to be night raids on athletes pantries to see whether the foods in the house conform to the AOC’s opinion of what is ‘healthy’? Non-organic flour? Career OVER!!! 

And what of training? Are they going to spy on athletes to see how hard they are training and if they breach some arbitrary level, ban them for training too hard or too much? Lots of injuries happen in training. Surely if you are so concerned with the athletes health then imposing your wrath upon them to prevent them training too hard is logical?

And what of the competition itself? This is where athletes really push the boundaries. Surely they should be stopped from putting in too much effort, running too fast, jumping too high or throwing too far? These things are all a bigger risk to their health than a doctor prescribed sleeping pill for a person who can’t sleep!!!

Think thats being ridiculous? Remember this whole anti-drug movement really started with relatively obscure prescription drugs that could be heavily abused to dramatically improve performance and visibly turned women into men! It was the visible transformations that outraged the fickle public prompting a response. That has somehow now extended to include cake ingredients and drugs that do the very opposite of boosting performance – they put you to sleep!!! The article in the Australian even intimates that Grant Hackett LOST because of sleeping pills! 

Is sport really safer and better because we have a self-appointed Athlete Gestapo running around trying to destroy athletes careers and reputations under the guise of protecting them from doing things that make them lose??? How much further is it going to go before someone recognises how idiotic this is? Because I cannot think of anything more stupid than banning athletes over cake ingredients and sleeping pills?

Damon Hayhow

Damon Hayhow has been in the body recomposition (Recomp) and bodybuilding industry for 30 years as a coach, competitor, gym owner, teacher, sponsor, show promoter, judge and MC. He has won National competitions in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, set world records, and coached others to the same success in strength sport and physique competition.

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