December 14, 2016 Damon Hayhow

Training Injuries from the Recomp Method

Injuries occur by doing a movement in a manner that is inappropriate for you. It is never because of weight. If a weight is genuinely too heavy, and you try to lift it properly, you simply cannot lift it. You don’t get injured by not lifting something.

Most people get injured with heavier weights because they change how they lift the weight. The weight didnt injure them. What they did with the weight injured them!

A coach’s job is to teach how to lift optimally. Not prettily. Not slowly. Optimally. The optimal way to lift a weight is both the strongest and the safest way. Achieving a performance in any sport precludes getting injured. If you get injured, you didnt successfully perform! If a coach cannot teach how to lift maximal weight without injury, either you or they are incompetent. Lifting light weight is not a solution to the problem. It defeats the entire purpose of the activity.

Focusing on the performance is the best way to not get hurt. Lose focus and think about the injury you don’t want, you will probably get injured! With weights, it is important to separate the weight from the equation. It is not the weight’s fault when you hurt yourself with it. It is what you do with the weight that is the issue.

The Recomp Method is not a training system nor religion. It only goes as far as saying to measure your response to a measured diet and training prescription and make logical adjustments to keep moving toward the desired body composition. So when you measure your training to have stopped progressing – which it probably will from time to time – thats the signal to change whatever is not working. The Recomp Method is about measurement and logic. It absolutely does not say that you should fake performance measurements by changing how you do an exercise to lift dangerously until you break. Injury should never enter the equation because you should be doing things optimally. Don’t blame numbers or weights for human error using them.

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Damon Hayhow

Damon Hayhow has been in the body recomposition (Recomp) and bodybuilding industry for 30 years as a coach, competitor, gym owner, teacher, sponsor, show promoter, judge and MC. He has won National competitions in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, set world records, and coached others to the same success in strength sport and physique competition.

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