September 17, 2015 Damon Hayhow

Big Men Being Out-Trained by Little Girls

men out trained by little girls

What the hell has happened to men going to gyms? I am disgusted by what I am seeing every day. When did it stop bothering men that girls half their size out-lift them? Did the feminist movement convince them that little girls are actually stronger than them? Newsflash to the “men” who think little girls really are stronger than them: when a little girl has half your muscle mass, she isn’t stronger than you! She is just being more manly than you when she goes to the gym. And that doesn’t mean she is being manly. She is being totally feminine; and still she is being more manly than you! You are just being absolutely, utterly, disgustingly, pathetic!

Everyday I am seeing grown men – many now on steroids (which is another issue entirely) – whining like little children that:

  1. they can’t grow any muscle and
  2. the weights I expect them to lift are too heavy for them

I explain to them that they aren’t growing muscle because they don’t even need the muscle they’ve got to lift the pathetic weights they lift. I emphasise that little girls, half their size, who are weaker than them, and do not even want to be super-strong, are lifting more than them. And… nothing. They aren’t bothered! They don’t get offended! They don’t care. They are perfectly OK with the fact. They don’t even get upset with me for deliberately bating them with offensive disrespect.

So I emphasise the point that these girls aren’t bigger, stronger girls than them. They are much smaller, weaker girls than them. They aren’t tough, aggressive, hard-as-nails, ex-convict, bare-hands-murderer girls. They are sexy, feminine, softly spoken, girly girls. And yet they are still more focussed, aggressive, hard and tough than these supposedly manly-men with all their masculinising drugs…

… Nothing….

Take a stiff drink of HTFU, make some animalistic grunting noises, slap yourself in the face, grab your crotch to remind yourself you were born with a set, and pick the bar up like a man getting it done!

In fairness, my criticism has nothing to do with a person’s sex. A large muscular woman should outlift a small, unmuscled man. If a person has half the muscle mass of another, you would expect them to probably be weaker, irrespective of their sex.

But when trying to make a point with a grown man, taking additional male hormones, that little girls – with much smaller frames and muscles – are beating them in battle of physical strength, wouldn’t you expect some sort of intrinsic, basic sense of bother? Has feminist propaganda reached the point of absurdity that large men actually believe small women should be able to out lift them physically?

Well, here’s some truth fella’s: when a 50kg girl out lifts you, its not because she is stronger. Its because you are being a soft, lazy, pathetic sap. Unless you weigh less than 55kg, if you think a 160kg deadlift is heavy, you should be utterly disgusted with yourself! Its not that you are pathetic; its that you are being pathetic! So man up! Seriously! Stop being such a embarrassing sap!

And when you feel the appropriate disgust with yourself, do NOT call up your therapist to talk about your feelings! You are supposed to be a man! Act like one! Take a stiff drink of HTFU, make some animalistic grunting noises, slap yourself in the face, grab your crotch to remind yourself you were born with a set, and pick the bar up like a man getting it done! Then put some more weight on the bar and repeat the process a few times until you are actually lifting the sorts of weights men lift! Think 3x lean mass as a start.

And if you find yourself at one of these so-called “hardcore” gyms where everybody stops to stare when 3+plates is put on a barbell, please, walk up to every judgemental, bitchy, girly-boy doing their slow, squeezy, tai-chi-ballet, “perfect form”, embarrassing sap weights BS and bitchslap the bejesus out of them! Hopefully a bit of violence reminds them they are supposed to be men and no man in the history of mankind has ever taken pride in being weaker and slower than a little girl half their size!

Many people will read this rant and be offended. They will be angered that its sexist. Good! It is! Thats because weight training is sexist! Weight training successfully is a pure masculine, anti-feminine activity at every level. Note, I’m not saying its not for women. This whole blog is about how little women are doing it exponentially better than big, roided up men! I’m saying successful lifting is not a feminine mindset. Weight training success is about strength, ego, accomplishment, power, dominance, aggression, confidence etc. Its all masculine. And anger is the appropriate emotion to channel into weight training.

To psyche up for my deadlifts I developed a pattern of pacing back and forth, swearing at myself, telling myself to “c’mon you weak m****r f*****r”. By the time I am ready to lift my hands are shaking, my heart is pounding, I am absolutely enraged. Then I punch myself in the head 2 or 3 times, grab the bar and tear the thing off the floor and keep tearing at it til I am at the top.

How did I develop this pattern and mindset? Because I’m a man. It just happened. Its supposed to happen like that when you are a man. Men aren’t supposed to be softly, feely little saps who get intimidated by weights little girls can lift. They are supposed to be men! Real men are supposed to think they can lift things they can’t actually lift. Real men don’t think they can’t lift weights that little girls can. Its little feminine girls who are supposed to struggle to achieve that super-aggressive, unburstable-confidence mindset. And they do struggle with it. But even feminine girls don’t struggle finding their masculinity as much as these roided saps in all the hardcore gyms do.

So I ask again: what the hell has happened to men going to gyms?

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Damon Hayhow

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