June 5, 2020 damonhayhow

How to Make $550K Lifting Weights: Sue for It.

Just when you thought the politico-legal destruction of the gym market had ended, ambulance-chasing scumbags at Maurice Blackburn strike with a $550K personal injury win for a lady who picked up a 25kg weight wrongly.


A more accurate description of what really happened: a lady picks up a 25kg weight wrongly, puts her back out, then gets grossly mistreated by incompetent medicos who believe surgery is a more suitable solution than a basic adjustment/physical manipulation. They botch the surgery, and then butcher the poor woman with 3 more surgeries to unsuccessfully fix their cockup.

This sort of grotesque malpractice is NOT unprecedented. (And, in fairness, it is EXTREMELY difficult to find a competent practitioner to do a basic adjustment effectively, without wasting the patients time with a “12 week plan”). But the $550K damages, for a person who hurts THEMSELVES, knowingly acting on their own free will, without recommendation or supervision, in a gym, does seem to be somewhat unprecedented?

I’ve been preaching on the fact that most PT’s and gyms are not covered by their insurance for a lot of what they do. No Fitness PT can prep a competitor for a bodybuilding or sports competition. They cannot coach non-competitors with the same weight training techniques either. Sports coaching is not “fitness”, so it is not covered.

This is another wakeup call that this is serious.


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