April 24, 2020 Damon Hayhow

Gyms to Reopen in September? Why it is Not Likely.

Is news.com.au correct that gyms are unlikely to reopen until September? No. Gyms are not only unlikely to reopen in September; many gyms will never reopen. Most will definitely not be reopening under their current ownership, if at all. (Note:  blog is not sarcastic. The Covid19 insanity has long passed the point of making jokes about it).

Private businesses with premises, capital equipment, stock and staff cannot cease trading for 6 months and then reopen like nothing happened. The customers are gone, any savings are gone and debt is unserviceable. The few businesses that can try re-opening will actually be re-starting, virtually from scratch, with more debt, less capital and worse prospects than new businesses have had. In good times, 80% of businesses fail in their first year. The future will be not be good times.

The insanity of the current situation almost begs the question: why don’t the governments of the world just cut to the chase and get the police to throw the families of every private business owner onto the street? Seize any cash they have, bankrupt them and kick them to the curb with a souvenir “life’s a bitch” tshirt. Just get it over with. This is what they are effectively doing anyway. In any other time this would be called tyrannical; or criminal.

This global coup is clearly not about an impotent flu. Even with all the ludicrously fraudulent statistics, anyone can see there are far less people dying than already die from regular flu, let alone suicide, homicide, alcoholism or malnourishment. Yet this lunatic global Government response, and the horrendous depression it is causing, is going to multiply all of those other causes of death for years. No vaccine or tracking app is going to stop the crime, homelessness and suicide wave that’s coming; let alone the flu.

For all the health “experts” with their hysterical BS about this virus, where are all the economic epidemiologist “experts” with their comparative models of the deaths caused by shutting down the world? How was the decision to close made without quantification of the lives it would cost? Where is any cost/benefit analysis in terms of lives? Nobody can refute this wholesale destruction of jobs, businesses, freedom and civil liberties is going to cause deaths. So where are all the “experts” with their models for the other side of the argument?

For all the health “experts” with their hysterical BS about this virus, where are all the economic epidemiologist “experts” with their comparative models of the deaths caused by shutting down the world?

Everyone from the IMF down is predicting a depression worse than the Great Depression. Anyone capable of 5th grade math could see the world was on the precipice of that anyway. The global economy was being sustained by non-stop central bank money printing and unsustainably increasing debt. It could not continue running like it was, even before shutting down everything. 

But this global initiative to destroy the foundation of modern society (the economy) is nothing short of horrifying. It is Operation Gladio on steroids. It is literally treating a flu with megadose-economic-chemotherapy. Frankly, I do not care whether it’s grotesque incompetence or unbridled malice that caused it; either way it is genocide.

You can already see the businesses closed and lines at Centrelink. You don’t need to walk far to find growing numbers of homeless people in any major city. The only thing you cannot find is regular people keeling over dead with this virus; because they are not; anywhere. Which do you really think is going to worsen dramatically in the next few months as this madness continues? I’ll give you a hint: respirators will be utterly useless.

This is just another Government war against an invisible boogieman for which we are the ones who suffer. The last global government war against an invisible boogie man was the war on terror after 9/11. Our govt backed the blatant, documented lies of the US  (WMDs, babies in incubators, chemical attacks etc etc) to murder millions of people who mostly had nothing to do with 9/11. 20 years later the wars are still going, western countries are still struggling with an unprecedented global refugee/migrant crisis, and Governments still continue to expand their self-granted powers to spy on us without permission and jail us without charge. And for the total shambles they made and the $trillions they wasted, how much safer did their last war on an invisible boogieman make us? It made us less safe!

This is more of the same. It is the same script with a different actor. It is just more lies, BS and grotesque incompetence that we will pay for with our futures and our lives. It is time people start calling this for what it is: a total sham.


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Damon Hayhow

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