August 19, 2015 Damon Hayhow

GenTec Creatine 320 – The Only Supplement I Use

Its fairly well known that I don’t rate supplements highly. I like protein powder (I use Gentec Casein Custard) simply because its high quality food that’s convenient and inexpensive. I take vitamin C, occasionally, out of guilt that there is none in my diet and scurvy sounds unpleasant. The only bodybuilding supplement I take and recommend is Gentec Creatine 320.

I take GenTec Creatine 320 with every meal, constantly, when on a higher carb diet (like I am currently). What I have measured it to do in myself and others is, primarily, prevent fat gain on long term higher carb diets. I also carry an extra couple of kilos of lean mass over baseline. It’s apparently water and therefore ‘fake’; but given muscles are about 70% water anyway, it all looks the same to me.
I have not found that using creatine affects my strength or strength endurance as claimed. The sole reason I use it is for the positive effect on overall body composition in conjunction with a high carb diet. For those of you who desparately need a nerdilicious, scientific-sounding-but-completely-ambiguous, american marketing wankerism to better explain what I mean: creatine appears to assist positive nutrient partitioning. And Gentec Creatine 320 does this better than any other I’ve used.
What I have measured [creatine] to do in myself and others is, primarily, prevent fat gain on long term higher carb diets
Thats not to say that other Creatine’s don’t have unique benefits. Musashi and Bronx creatine seem exceptional for explosive diarhoea, for example. Some other very popular brands are good for partitioning gas into the abdomen and water under the skin; great for that soft, bloated look that is so popular. It really depends on what you are after?
I personally like Gentec Creatine 320 because I’m after the lean, dry, full muscles without bloated guts effect. For this purpose I believe it is the very best on the market. This is not a sponsorship plug either. Gentec founder Nick Jones is certainly a very good friend and someone I respect very highly. But I buy my Gentec Creatine from the supplement store, same as anyone else. Knowing Nick as I do only increases my trust and faith in the product’s quality.
I’ve been recommending this product for over 10 years. In between I’ve tried all the new fandangled forms of creatine and always returned to Gentec Creatine 320. Marketing changes. The position of the scientific community on any given topic flops around like a dying fish. What works in the real world stays constant! Gentec Creatine 320 works.
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Damon Hayhow

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