June 2, 2020 damonhayhow

Sports Nutrition Supplements that Work

My latest podcast: Sports Nutrition Supplements that “work”. Yes, the title is pure click-bait. But that is appropriate for a class of garbage, snake-oil products that set the standards for overpromising and underdelivering.

What I have to say is not your typical biochemistry scientism waffle. This is a real world discussion about a half-dozen supplements that I have consistently measured offering mild, drug-like, tangible benefits… in extremely specific contexts, within extremely narrow parameters, that are not what you typically hear.

0.00 Introductory banter

4.02 Protein Powders

14.41 Creatine

22.58 Caffeine

26.10 Alpha Lipoic Acid

29.51 Vitamin C

32.13 Magnesium

36.31 Beta Alanine

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Body recomposition diet and training concepts based on logic and reason; not scientism